Looking back and looking ahead

Another year has come and gone…for me it was a great year of growth in my freelance work as well as personally. I gained a few clients, which is always exciting. The bigger news is my wife and I bought our house and celebrated one year of marriage! She’s one lucky lady…I’m sure she already knows that.

2018 was a great year! The first thing that happened a big deal in your adult life…closing on our house!!! We are so happy to be in a house we’ve now made into our home. Work at CAT-TV (my day job) went well last year, pushing out new content and covering those meetings everyone loves.

Freelancing with Roadshow was very busy last year…among a variety of shoots two highlights were going to the New York Auto Show for 4 days. It was neat to go to some pre-show shoots for Nissan, Waymo, and Audi…then two days on the show floors. The other highlight was being asked to go to Jackson Hole, WY to film the new 2019 Chevy Silverado! Talk about a location and perfect vehicle for such a landscape, the bonus: I was sent by myself, so it was exciting to be trusted with such a responsibility.

The wife and I took a fun trip to visit my Brother who is stationed in Stuttgart, I haven’t been back to Germany since 2007, it was long overdue. We went to visit my host family in Leipzig for two days, that was so much fun to see them and be with them for a couple days…I’m lucky to have them in my life! Since being in Stuttgart I couldn’t resist going to the Porsche Museum!! What an amazing place! And to top that off, I went on a factory tour, so amazing to see how the world’s most iconic sports car is built. Played some golf with my Brother, a favorite thing of ours. Then we all went on an excursion to Salzburg, Austria! What a beautiful city! Full of history and of course…where they filmed parts of ‘The Sound of Music’! We went on a four hour bike tour of the city and all of the places they filmed the movie, it was the best way to see a lot of the city in a short amount of time. To finish off our trip, we spent the night in Munich before our flight, what a great city, and what a fantastic trip!!

The last big highlight of 2018 came in November. Every year the Vermont Business Magazine seeks out the top ‘40 under 40 Rising Stars of Vermont. People of my community can nominate people of they think are worthy of such a prestigious award…I was lucky to be nominated by two people in town, so I sent in my information to VBM. They also ask some questions and they want to see what I do to help my community and how I’m involved in my community. They received over 250 nominations this past year, and the judges have a tough job of bringing that down to just 40. I was lucky enough to be selected for this prestigious award, along with 6 others from my town, great representation from The Shires of Vermont!

2019 is here with us for another 11ish months, so we might as well make the best of it. A new thing of mine is setting some yearly goals, monthly goals, as well as long term goals. As you can tell I’m not great with the blogging, so one of them is making sure I keep this updated at least once a month, if not more. I’d love to work with some more great people this year, as well as collaborate with other photographers to make some awesome content. Personally I want to be healthier to my body, so more exercise and better food. Top it off with getting to bed earlier.

Side Note: as I write this I am dealing with some health issues through my body, so the whole personally wanting to be healthier speaks volumes.

I hope 2019 brings you all much success and happiness, we are well on our way for another trip around the Sun. Let’s make the best of it!

Mike Cutler