Humira: Injection The First


Monday was my first injection of Humira, so we are now one week in. As explained in my previous post, I was nervous, but also looking forward to seeing how the drug works for me. This serves as a quick update, and I’ll keep you updated throughout the journey. Now let’s be clear, I was not expecting a miracle with just one injection, it will take time, but I have seen a few things.

I’ve seen some fading from some of the Psoriasis, but not all. I’ve tried to not use any topicals to see how well the Humira was working, sadly I had to apply a little bit as some spots were getting a bit rowdy, but I like where we are heading. A hopeful goal is close to clear (or fully clear!) for Summer.

On the joint side of things…my left thumb still continues to be a tad bigger than my other and slightly red. A lot less pain when bending it all the way, so that is promising! Ankles and knees have had a lot less pain for a bit while under the Prednisone regiment, and continue to display that. One way I have noticed progress is when I could finally get back to some quick morning exercises, lunges were the one that got me with bending to that degree. More recently this week I have felt less stiffness when I do lunges, which is awesome, however there is still a tad bit of stiffness, but hardly noticeable.

So, we shall see what happens with injection number two, and when I see my rheumatologist later this month. Injection two in t-minus one week!

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